How to Create an Email Account on Bluehost?

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Bluehost is among the world’s top hosting providers. With its broad assortment of strategies, the provider is a superb choice irrespective of the kind of website you have. WordPress even recommends Bluehost among the best suppliers for conducting WordPress content that is WordPress.

Like most internet hosting providers, Bluehost provides its user’s customized email addresses. Read on, and we’ll explain how to create your email address, the way to get Bluehost webmail, and also how to put in your own Bluehost email to Gmail

Creating Your E-mail Account With Bluehost

The amount of email addresses you can make is dependent upon the hosting plan you have selected. The entry-level Fundamental shared hosting program enables you to create five addresses, even whereas the Starter cloud hosting program provides 100 addresses. Each of Bluehost’s other programs permits you to make an infinite number of email accounts.

When you are ready to make your account, visit and log into your account using the button at the upper left corner.

As soon as your account portal site has loaded, find the blue ribbon on the peak of the page and click Hosting. Subsequently, at the sub-menu directly under the blue ribbon, then click Mail. On your display, you must now see all of the tools that you will need to produce and manage your email addresses.

To make a new email address, pick Mail Accounts on the menu at the left panel and then click Create an Email Account from the primary window.

Bear in mind, it is also possible to use periods (.)

In case you’ve got several Bluehost domain names, you also ought to use the dropdown menu to choose the domain name to which you need to join your new email address.

You may either use a password of your choosing or inquire Bluehost to create one for you.

In the end, at the bottom of the webpage, Bluehost asks one to ascertain the mailbox size and also to pick your favorite webmail client.

It is generally a good idea to pick an infinite mailbox size. You may leave the default option Bluehost webmail client clean. It is not vital to select one at this point; we will talk more about the choices soon.

When you are happy, click Produce to complete the procedure.


How to Access Bluehost Webmail?

Now it is time to get started using your email address. There are two simple methods to get Bluehost webmail and a slightly more complex procedure.

The simplest way to get Bluehost webmail would be to go to and input your credentials.

It is also possible to access your webmail through your primary Bluehost portal site by visiting Hosting > Mail > [Email address] > View Inbox.

Last, when you’ve got the technical support, you may produce your own email sub-domain and divert it into the webmail client.




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