Comparison Between iPage & BlueHost – Who Wins?

bluehost vs ipage

We keep evaluation balances at both BlueHost and iPage to assist us compare features, functionality, reliability, service and overall value. Both provide very similar characteristics, reliability and functionality at economical prices that are tough to beat.

IPage provides similar characteristics to BlueHost, at marginally cheaper pricing. However, they lag behind BlueHost a little in 5 essential regions:

BlueHost currently uses PHP7 with FastCGI, which runs WordPress websites 200% faster compared to PHP 5.6. All reports also include a free domain name and free CDN and caching to make your website even faster for the customers.

BlueHost currently walks through only a couple of super-easy steps once you enroll, which means that you may set up your site with WordPress in only a couple of minutes.

BlueHost includes more/better training tools to assist clients succeed in DIY blog setup and promotion.

BlueHost provides many programs, such as hosting especially optimized for WordPress sites. IPage does provide a WordPress program, but it is really just their fundamental hosting using WordPress markup for you personally, in a greater cost than the normal program.

IPage provides you their very own vDeck control panel, which is a little limited concerning attributes, has a marginally less intuitive interface, and is more catered toward individuals that are new to hosting and websites. I much favor and recommend you utilize a host that provides cPanel.

Which web host is most effective for your site kind?

There are many areas to Begin at a contrast, but we are going to Start with the aim of your webpage. IPage and Bluehost both provide numerous capacities, but every hosting service is basically created for different functions.

IPage was made to sponsor…
Websites and Small Business Websites with nominal performance requirements. It is more of an entrance level/cheap/budget hosting agency.
Apart from supplying the Greater performance shared hosting compared to iPage,

Standard Characteristics of Every Service

Of the two iPage’s and Bluehost’s attributes. Some of the important Features will be clarified further in detail.


iPage Bluehost
Shared and VPS hosting capabilities VPS hosting capabilities
Linux Based Servers Linux Based Servers
Drag and Drop Site Builder Drag and Drop Site Builder
Custom vDeck Panel cPanel (world standard)
Unlimited Professional Email Addresses Up to 100 email addresses with the basic plan
Weebly Site Builder WordPress website builder with easy setup walkthrough
$100 Free Adwords credit $100 Free Adwords credit
$175 Free Facebook ads credit $100 Free Facebook Ads credit
No performance optimizations High performance out of the box with PHP7+FastCGI, CDN and caching.
Free Domain Name Registration (first year) Free Domain Name Registration (first year)

When deciding Whether you are dealing with a dependable Service, it’s always important to assess the infrastructure, how set up the hosting agency isalso, uptime, and gigabit connections.

When you select iPage, you can expect outstanding reliability Criteria. IPage now has a huge number of active domain names running on their servers. These data centers comprise tens of thousands of servers and also have numerous petabytes of storage. Every datacenter is equipped with 24/7 safety, N+1 power, and also a pooled server environment. To be able to make sure that you’re getting iPage’s 99.9% degree of bandwidth, the information centers are conducted on multiple racks.

…and everything about BlueHost?
This The hosting agency’s data centers also include 4 different physical fiber lines which run to the data centre through IP transportation providers. Also much like iPage, Bluehost also tracks the information centre 24/7, making sure that consumers are receiving the most dependable level of support needed to keep their sites up and running without interruption. Learn about setting up Email account on Bluehost


Website Speed

Just like any hosting service, you also want to be Sure you’re Finding the maximum degree of rate available. The quicker your site operates, the more fulfilled your visitors will be. Below is everything you may expect in relation to the two iPage and Bluehost.

With BlueHost, it is possible to anticipate pages to load in under two seconds. Since iPage is below the 3 minute mark, the shortage of functionality optimization will not show. IPage could be catching up soon though, because they simply have to upgrade software on their servers.

Safety Suite

The two BlueHost and iPage provide domain solitude, SpamExperts, SiteLock And CodeGuard, as they have partnered with these businesses to offer you these added-value safety services.

SpamExperts helps prevent spam out of the email addresses.
SiteLock optimizes your website in order to construct confidence and empower safer browsing to your customers. Useful to increase conversion rate to earnings if you’re selling services, physical or digital goods.
CodeGuard safeguards your website from the continuous automated scans and attacks which are conducted throughout the internet 24/7. It protects your site code out of malware, guarding your enterprise and your traffic.
Technical service is a quality that you can’t skimp on. No Regardless of what hosting service you select, you ought to make certain you’re choosing one which has optimum technical assistance because even the many web-savvy people hit roadblocks.

Support in iPage

IPage includes a powerful technical support platform.

Here is the Issue, however… iPage’s live chat service are essentially Ticket submitters. They aren’t hosting specialists, and cannot assist you straight. We believe that the live chat service is normally a waste of time. BlueHost and eHost offer better live chat service encounters, with actual support individuals in both technical and billing assistance who can aid you.

The secret to getting great support at iPage would be to get them by Telephone or email/ticket entry. That makes you in contact with a genuine engineer or charging administrator who will fix your issue. IPage supplies a feature-rich entry-level hosting hosting agency with precious free add-ons, while their rates are among the cheapest in the hosting sector. So it might be unrealistic to expect the exact same amount of service from iPage versus other firms who bill over double that which iPage charges.

Price Comparison

When Picking a web hosting service, price is something you need to Look at once you have seen all of the qualities and attributes. Now that we are down to the final legbelow is the price comparison between iPage and Bluehost. You might discover that iPage will offer you the better bargain, no matter which sort of site you anticipate running or the type of package you anticipate purchasing.

IPage — Use this hyperlink to receive it for just $1.99/month

1 standard bundle = less hassle

Together with iPage’s standard bundle, you are getting newcomer tools that are ready to Design your website, advertising and promotion credits, 1-click setup, email accounts, world wide engineering, and 1GB of Free cloud storage out of JustCloud.

That Said, iPage does have hosting solutions Available, which range from updated shared hosting to VPS as well as Dedicated servers. Therefore, should you ever opt to update to high end, higher performance hosting, then you won’t need to move your website to a different web host if you don’t would like to.

Bluehost’s cheapest hosting has been recently updated in 2018, and We love how simple it’s to make a web site using WordPress on BlueHost now. They’ve a walkthrough that makes you setup automatically in only a couple of measures. On top of that, it is all optimized and functioning great from the box. Highly suggested!

Money-back Guarantee

In the end, there’s the money-back guarantee (ideally ), in case you are not pleased with your services.

On the flip side, if you wait past these 30 days to cancel your service, you are likely to find the next 30 or even 60 days of your monies worth . So either way, you are covered.
Should you cancel after 30 days, then the refund is prorated.

Decision — Who Wins?

IPage and Bluehost are alike in several respects. By Way of Example, you’ll Where both hosting providers disagree are in different regions, ones which are more important.

Online, or who need the most inexpensive alternative. However, BlueHost offers you similar attributes, and that I feel that cPanel is a far superior control panel compared to vDeck.
Additionally, BlueHost can be now considerably faster than iPage due Into the utilizing PHP7 using FastCGI, CDN and caching, which means that your website will load Much quicker for your customers. The only downside of all BlueHost is that It is marginally less cheap than iPage.

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